Android Apps Workshop

Learn about tomorrow’s technology today with our 2 days workshop on Android

Course Contents

Introduction to Python, Syntax of python, advantages of python, Discussion on algorithms and how to write code in python, Python - Basic Syntax

Program Highlights


First Session

  • Introduction Android
  • Open Platform for Mobile Development
  • Introduction to JAVA Why java
  • Android Platform
  • Why Develop for Android
  • What Does Android Run On?
  • Introduction to Android SDK
  • Android SDK Features
  • Introducing the Development Framework
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Software installation
  • How to install java Jdk
  • How to install android studio
  • How to install Android SDK
  • How to install Android Plug ins

Second Session

  • How to Create Applications
  • Activities
  • Introducing the Application Manifest
  • Android Application Life Cycle
  • Externalizing Resources
  • Creating Resources
  • How to Create User Interfaces
  • Fundamental Android U I Design
  • Introducing Views
  • Introducing Layouts


First Session

  • Introducing Intents
  • Using Intents to Launch Activities
  • Using Intents to Broadcast Events
  • Introducing Adapters
  • Android Graphics
  • Threads & Async tasks
  • UI(Main) thread Loppers
  • handlers, event flow from system
  • Writing threading programs Updating UI

Second Session

  • Introducing Content Providers
  • Using Content Providers
  • Using custom
  • Native Android Content Providers
  • Introducing Broadcast Receivers
  • Creating a service
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Alarms manager


This workshop is open for college students, graduates and working professionals.

Even Current BE/B-Tech students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year (CSE/ECE/IT/EEE/EIE/ICE/ECM) Or ME/M-Tech students of Embedded/CS/Software Engineering Current MCA students of 2nd, 3rd year students.


Basic knowledge of Differentiation and Matrices is an advantage. However, we will teach you from basics, Carry Laptops.


  • How to create login program
  • How to Use Different layouts
  • How to create list View Apps
  • Query Solving
  • Remove Errors & debugging & Run the
  • Application
  • Apps Competition
  • How to create College APP


Lead Technical Trainer


Business Development Manager


Technical Trainer


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