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CTEBS01 Industrial appliances control system by decoding dual tone multi frequency signals on GSM / CDMA network.
CTEBS02 Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control using RF Communication
CTEBS03 Wireless Stepper Motor Control using RF Communication
CTEBS04 Wireless Electrical Apparatus Control System using IR
CTEBS05 Over speed & unauthorized vehicle detection using IR based speed sensors
CTEBS06 Density based automatic traffic control system in metros
CTEBS07 Design and development of SMS based Car Engine control system to prevent car theft using GSM modem
CTEBS08 SMS based PWM Speed and Direction control of DC motor using H-Bridge and GSM
CTEBS09 Autonomous Guide Cane for blind or visually impaired travelers using IR
CTEBS10 Jewelry-Store
CTEBS11 Light Search and following robot using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS12 Implementation of artificial eye for Intelligent Line Following Robot application using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS13 Intelligent Wall Follower Robot using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS14 Implementation of solar water pump control with four different time slots for power saving applications
CTEBS15 DC Motor speed control using PWM Technique using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS16 Stepper motor control using AT89S52 for robotic applications
CTEBS17 Embedded Password based Access Control System using I2C
CTEBS18 Programmable temperature monitor and controller for industrial boilers & ovens using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS19 High sensitive LDR based power saver for street light control system
CTEBS20 Automatic Temperature based Fan Speed Controller
CTEBS21 Real Time Clock based industrial automation using Dallas RTC and I2C protocol using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS22 Implementation of Path clearing assist stick and obstacles detection safety cap for the blind
CTEBS23 Automatic medicine reminder with RTC interfacing using AT89S52 and 16X2 LCD
CTEBS24 Coin operated fortune telling system with dancing LED effect using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS25 Embedded Quiz monitoring system with team performance evaluation using AT89S52 MCU
CTEBS26 Embedded Rigging free Electronic Voting System with instant results
CTEBS27 Online Supply Inventory System
CTEBS28 Digital Code converters BCD to Grey / Excess-3 / 7-segment
CTEBS29 Automatic Dam Gate Control System with Caution Alarm
CTEBS30 PC based Appliances control in a plant using PCs parallel port (C-Language)
CTEBS31 Communicating to 89S52 MCU through windows hyper terminal using RS-232
CTEBS32 PC Based DC Motor speed and direction control using PWM and H-Bridge
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